The application of Polycarbonate sheets across various industries and sectors due to their remarkable clarity, high impact resistance, and wide temperature tolerance. properties and versatility. Here are some common applications of polycarbonate sheets polycarbonate sheets.

With increasing stress on making the world a better and greener place to live, the conventional way of building a home or a commercial complex is getting revolutionized.

The combination of steel structures with polycarbonate sheets is changing the way structures used to be built and the future looks very bright.

Polycarbonate skylight
Clear solid polycarbonate sheet for skylight

Why Polycarbonate Sheet

As substitutes for glass, polycarbonate sheets are renowned for their high impact resistance and wide temperature tolerance to heat and cold. This makes them ideal for installations in commercial polycarbonate cladding and facade, schools skylight, and industrial roofing, where they allow natural light to enter while effectively blocking out heat. By facilitating daylighting, polycarbonate sheets contribute to significant energy savings, ultimately reducing energy bills

Apart from this, polycarbonates have high optical features and depending on the requirement of an organization, these sheets can be colored or left translucent thus making it the choicest material for architectural houses.

UV-ray blockage is another great advantage with polycarbonate sheets.

This quality makes these sheets the material of choice for constructing overhead covers and awnings in commercial complexes.

anti-UV PC sheet

These sheets are also very light when compared to glass, acrylic, or other plastics.

This results in easy transportation, installation, and lower labor costs.

These factors when combined together will be helpful in reducing cost of construction which is crucial for both business sector and individuals.

Do you know that the sheets that riot police use and the greenhouse roofing material are made up of polycarbonate sheets.


If you thought if these strong sheets cannot be curved, you are probably mistaken.

The visor of a riot police helmet is also made up of curved polycarbonate sheet.

With an impact resistance of 80 times that of glass and 15 times that of acrylic sheets, polycarbonate sheets are way ahead when it comes to being the desired choice for law enforcement agencies.

polycarbonate of high impact resistance

Ever noticed the ease with which the security forces lifts the shield?

The low weight polycarbonate shield makes it easier to handle and puts minimal stress on the one carrying it.

Key desirable uses of Polycarbonate sheets

You cannot bend a log of wood but you can easily bend a polycarbonate sheet.

A curved polycarbonate sheet is used in construction of canopies and bus shelters.

Some of the remarkable bus shelters in the US has been constructed using curved polycarbonate sheets and the one in Detroit, Michigan is a perfect example.

curved bus shelter

Added to this the low cost of transportation, handling and warehousing, this is a material that will be a mainstay in the building and architectural space.

A polycarbonate sheet is subjected to a certain force to bring a curve to it as per the client requirement.

This is done keeping in mind the stress and strain the curved polycarbonate sheet will have to go through during its serviceable life.

Anything more than what it can take and its serviceability will get affected.

Polycarbonate canopies are a mainstay in many cities in the East coast of the US and central London.

They are very helpful during snowfalls since it will protect the pathway leading to the building as well as endure the weight of the snow which a glass or wooden structure cannot withstand.

withstand heave snow

This has helped in reducing many accidents in Canada where research says that with better structures aimed at minimizing the impact of snowfall, the rate of accidents have gone down since 2013.

A greenhouse structure will be very common in the years to come.

The world as we see today is moving in the direction of green technology and very soon even in emerging economies one will start seeing implementation of green technology.

Structures that are compliant with energy norms and are safe will see more adoption.

This is where polycarbonate sheets will come into play.

A greenhouse roofing is typically made of a curved polycarbonate sheet and it will be a mainstay since it protects the plants from UV rays.

The Opportunities Ahead

With plenty of start-ups emerging in the US and EU region targeting green technology, the need for polycarbonate sheets will be abundant.

Even infrastructural developments from Governments need polycarbonates since the use of wood and iron to construct a bus bay or a convention center is way gone.

New constructions using polycarbonates will be the norm and the demand for these material will see an upward swing.

Please do remember that though the manufacture of polycarbonate sheets is not very environmental friendly, the benefits more than make up for the demerits.