Anti Scratch Coating

Anti-Scratch coating

Excelite Anti-scratch coating also called Abrasion resistance coating, it’s a scratch resistant coating that is applied to polycarbonate sheet or PMMA sheet surface, it can upgrade the hardness of the surface of your material. It’s a permanent coating and the application is very wild in many areas.

Excelite Anti-scratch coating is specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by high-traffic applications, it helps maintain the beauty of smooth surfaces with its abrasion-resistant properties.


  • Optical clarity
  • Protection against scratching and abrasion
  • Chemical, graffiti resistance & Impact Resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Easily maintenance


  • Machine cover/hood
  • Monitor screen
  • Retail displays/Signage/POP displays
  • Table tops
  • Window or door panels
  • Bulletproof panels