Polycarbonate Skateboards

Polycarbonate Skateboard

As a OEM skateboard fabrication manufacturer,Excelite can custom polycarbonate skateboards into different designs.

Excelite “Bulletproof” polycarbonate Skateboard is a 100% transparent and flexible product, it’s beautiful, fashion, give you an unprecedented sense of experience.

You never think that skateboard can be fabricated by such transparent, unbreakable, flexible polycarbonate sheet, this material is used for riot gear. The polycarbonate sheet used for skateboard allows for much of flex. This not only runs like a shock absorber but also combines the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard. No matter you drop it, hit it, hammer it, there is no break.

PS: Excelite can customize any shape, any size, any color, any printing of the polycaronate skateboard.